AFT GT is continuously providing solutions at different level of Integrated Services. We are into MEP Solutions. All related HVAC services wherein the Efficiency is optimized by changing the design of the system. All Electrical services are integrated for power supply to domestic & daily appliances. Competent design of plumbing systems is necessary to prevent conflicts with other trades, and to avoid expensive rework or surplus supplies. The scope of standard residential plumbing usually covers mains pressure potable water, heated water (in conjunction with mechanical and/or electrical engineers), sewerage, storm water, natural gas, and sometimes rainwater collection and storage. In commercial environments, these distribution systems expand to accommodate many more users, as well as the addition of other plumbing services such as hydroponics, irrigation, fuels, oxygen, vacuum/compressed air, solids transfer, and more.

We are into Domestic Consumer Needs via Commodities Trading. We provide the Edible Consumer products by sourcing, marketing, packaging & distributing the goods at large scale. Our focus is to create value and exceed our clients’ expectations. We aggressively pursue a policy to listen to and advise clients where necessary, and continue meaningful and authentic conversation with clients after successful delivery of goods.