About Us

AFT GT has influenced its work force into existence since half a decade. We are comprehensive supply chain management focused on managing parallel business scenarios. We take pride in our business and professionalism wherein the Ethics are the core business values for uninterrupted progress. We leverage our trust and reputation and strengthen it every day. We value relationships with trust and always respect our obligations. Our Entity has acquired strong foothold in Middle East. We have raised the bar for the customer’s satisfaction by providing products that are manufactured according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & TSO 16949 quality standards only.

We have established relationships with quality suppliers and distributors for quality assured products & prompt services that meet our exact expectations of delivery to our esteemed clients. We ensure great products, great taste and great Health at most affordable price. We are maintaining a well- balanced & diversified core business perspective to exhibit practicality in delivering our services at all scope of success. Innovation plays a vital role in upgrading consumers onto higher value products.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To remain competitive, grow globally, sustain our business growth, we must continuously improve and innovate; demonstrate our care for our people’s welfare; always delight our consumers & customers; and promote our communities. Being a performance leader means we will achieve operational excellence, consistently supplying high quality products that exceed our customer’s expectation.

Our Vision

“We succeed when our esteemed customer succeeds” We ceaselessly strive to increase efficiency in the origination and distribution of the products that feed the world and gain support from every human link in our supply chain. We value and nurture long lasting relationships with our partners in the industry so we may all reap the rewards of a job well done that makes a difference.